St. James Skate Nights!

Lucy Wortham Elementary:

Thursday 5:30-7:30pm 

   Nov 13th      Dec 11th      Jan 8th

Feb 12th         Mar 12th          Apr 9th            May 7th

*Admission is $4 and includes quad or inline skate rental.   Add Laser Tag for $4 ($6.50 value)


Newburg School Skate Nights!

Thursday 6:00-8:00pm

Nov 13th    Dec 11th   Jan 8th

Feb 12th      Mar 12th        Apr 9th         May 7th

*Admission is $4 and includes quad or inline skate rental.   Add Laser Tag for $4 ($6.50 value)



Every Friday  11am-1pm

Admission: $6.00 per child
Includes: Play/Bounce wristband,
hot dog and small drink!



Christian Music Night

Sept 2nd

Oct 7th 

1st Tuesday of every month                 6-8 pm

Admission: $3.70 (Quad rental included)
Inline rental: $1.05 additional

The Zone will play Christian music for these sessions.
If bringing a group, please call to notify.

*Save 5% when paying with cash.


Homeschool Skates:   

(2nd of the month)

Secular Music

(2nd of the month)

Christian Music

Sept 11th
Oct 9th
Nov 13th
*Date Change Dec 4th
Jan 8th
Feb 12th
Mar 12th
Apr 9th

Sept 12th
Oct 10th
Nov 14th
Dec 12th
Jan 9th
Feb 13th
Mar 13th
Apr 10th

Admission: $4.20
(Skate Rental Included)

Play Area: $4.20
Play & Skate: $6.30



Skating Lessons:

4-One hour lessons for $40.00
Includes 4 FREE admission Passes


Call Today to Reserve your spot!




Laser Maze Challenge:

Laser Maze is a skill game that requires accuracy and speed. The goal? Get from one end of the room to another without breaking any laser beams. The faster, the better! Give it a try, you'll be hooked.



Kokomo Joe's Driving Range is OPEN DAILY! 

         OPEN Sunrise until Dark! 

Extended hours in the Spring.

Enclosed and Open Tee Boxes

$5/bucket of 50 Balls




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